Monday, November 30, 2009


I started my first week with saving at CVS by purchasing a gift card...for myself. ;) By purchasing a $25 gift card I got a $5 one FREE!! Woohoo. Love free money!!

Soooo....CVS ended up taking more time out of my day then the HUGE Publix shopping trip. Hopefully it goes smoother from now on or it won't be happening.

I went in to get the spend $25 on Gillette products get $10 ebc and the .99 toothbrush for Lula. The gillete products I planned on getting werent there but I was able to get other ones that worked with my coupons. But I was still like a $1 short from being able to use the $5/30 coupon so I decided to get another toothbrush. (OOPS! Didnt work so well since the ECB offer was limited to 1 per household) Oh well...Lula will need another toothbrush eventually. :) Anyways..they ring me up and the ONLY ECB award I receive is the $2.00 for the one toothbrush and $2.59 towards the gillette deal. The manager and cashiers seemed to be lost and like they didnt want to deal with it but damn it!! I spent a LONG time researching all this and had 2 more shopping trips planned this week that depended on me earning those ECB's!! So they told me to call the 800 # which I did..

Long story short, I got my $10 ECB for the gillette deal and left with a very fussy baby and not so thrilled myself.

Breakdown of Trip #1

1 zooth toothbrush 2.99
1 Colgate Dora brush 2.99
1 gillette foamy sensitive skin shave foam 2.59
-$1.oo MWQ
2 Gillette Power Fusion gift sets 11.99 each
(2) -$4 MQ

- $5/30 CVS coupon

Total OOP $20.07 ( My initial plan was to spend somewhere around $15 OOP)
Saved $14.30

Earned $12 ECB

Math = $32.55 - $5/$30- $9 MQ - $12 ecb = $6.55

Not too awful bad I guess but hoping for better.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My first coupon experience

I spent probably 2 days finding and printing coupons. I really hope this gets easier. I think it will once I get a good stock and narrow down my shopping. I tried to focus on the BOGO deals but needed lots of things for Thanksgiving too. This was my first year EVER actually cooking Thanksgiving dinner! :) After about 3 days of preparation I was ready...armed with a stack of coupons and a big highlighted grocery list!

I entered Publix at approximately 1:30 pm, Wendesday afternoon the day before Thanksgiving. I went to the customer service desk to ask one final question. Although most of the sites allowed you to print 2 of each coupon it appeared that the two I printed had the same bar code. I was worried this would void one of each of my coupons which would ruin the entire amazing publix shopping trip I was hoping for. I was assured that they would be accepted but also informed that they no longer accepted the CVS or Rite Aid coupons. Oh well.. no biggie. As long as all the other ones worked. I was off!

It took awhile to get into the groove of things but soon I was zipping through the aisles picking up everything I needed. It was easy enough withe the printable grocery list from It broke everything down into the sections of the store which was VERY helpful. If my coupons had been more organized it wouldn't have taken nearly as long.

I found little store blinkies along the way and made sure to pull those coupons and throw them in my purse. I saw peelies and hang tags but have no clue how people get these unless they buy those products are thieve them off of them which I was not about to do. The last thing I wanted was the Publix police coming down on me.

I finished my entire list and only had to ask for help fiding 2 items!! Not bad.

I made my way to the checkout.

I laughed and told the girl at the checkout about my situation and how I was new to all of this. Then I showed her all my coupons. She laughed and said "ALL of those?" "Yes..all of these" I said. She was very nice about it.

All the food rang up and then the coupons started! It was very exciting to watch actually! lol. Or maybe I'm just that much of a goob. I had a few that were expired that I hadn't noticed and one that said "Do not double or triple" that caused a little trouble. Also a Honeybaked Ham coupon for $10 off a 8 lb bone in ham that had to be ok'd by a manager. Which she did!! YAY. The Honeybaked Ham coupon did make one man pick his 3 items up and walk away but oh well. I just saved me $10!! I didn't feel too bad. And then we were done...ending at around 3:30 pm

My savings for my first time ever and buying Thanksgiving dinner....

Total Groceries 261.61

Store coupons 20.05
Vendor coupons 39.15
Ad SS 98.73
Adv BS 1.20

Total savings 159.13


I feel really good about that :)

How my fabulous savings adventure began!

After deciding that it would actually SAVE us money for me to stay at home my husband and I decided to do just that.

I turned in my LONG notice and patiently awaited the first of the year when I would be FREE from the corporate world. In the meantime I searched for more ways to make our theory a fact. This is how I came across coupon shopping!

Along with trying to build my Bookkeeping business ( )
I would become a couponer!

I narrowed my focus down to two locations.....Publix and CVS.

Let the fun begin!!