Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mrs. Smith Diaper Bag giveaway!!

Check out this awesome giveaway of a Mrs. Smith diaper bag!! I want one sooooo bad!!! Enter  at

Saturday, April 24, 2010


It's been forever since I posted! I did finally get a little bit of shopping in today....

Spent $26.99
Saved $69.54

Spent $1.02
Saved $ 18.85

Spent $5.91
Saved $20.50

Friday, April 9, 2010

Got some shopping in today!

First stop was CVS to do the Pampers deal. I really am starting to dread every time I go in and see the new girl. Both times she has rung me up she acts like I'm trying to get away with something and makes things difficult. *sigh* Anyways...the deal worked out good.

I got:

Box of Pampers $19.99
3 CVS brand baby bath products $1.99 each
2 Rolls of CVS toilet paper $1.15 each

Total: $28.26
-$2 Pampers Q
(2) $1 off skin care (she felt this didn't match with the bath products....I think it does and corporate agreed with me)
(2) $1 off CVS paper products
Total: - $6.00
-$17.50 ECB!

Paid $5.74 OOP
Saved $23..50
And I earned $10 ECB to spend later :)

Then K-mart. Ugh. If it hadn't been for the Mrs. Smith Bags contest I wouldn't have went but I wanted that diaper bag!! lol. Of course I was too late but here I am shown with one of these fabulous bags!! Check out their facebook page HERE

MAN...I love how skinny I look!! That was a fluke totally. lol
So I ended up getting a little shirt set and jeans for Lula on clearance for $1.99

Gillete Body wash $4.00 (suppose to be free but she input the coupon wrong and y the time I noticed it I didnt feel like going back in.
Tweezer 1.99 - Doubled Coupon FREE
Crest Mouthwash 4.45- DC .45
Shaving Cream 4.39- DC 2.39 (Only bought this because I had the Buy this get the body wash free to match)

Pedigree Dog treats- 3.99 - DC FREE

Spent $12. 17
Saved $11.98
Should have been
Spent $ 8.17

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Giveaway Heads up!

I just entered this giveaway over at Busted Plumbing for a Fertile Focus! It's a microscope to check your fertility. A completely new concept to me as of last month but the prospect of not spending a bazillion dollars on OPK's is very alluring. Go ahead and enter if you have a second! If you win and happen to be fertile mertle you can always pass it on to a lovely, non ferilte couple you know....*cough cough* ;)


Busted Reviews

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I put Tallulah into the Parents Magazine Cover contest :) With the other bazillion parents that think their kid is the cutest EVA!! Lol
Check her out and I guess if she gets enough "likes" she could win Peoples Choice :)


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Meet the Babies- MARI

Babies - In Theaters Mother's Day Weekend


Mari lives with her mother and father in Shibuya, a busy metropolitan area within Tokyo, at the center of all of the city’s noise and excitement. Mari is an only child and lives the contemporary urban lifestyle, walking around city streets when not in the family’s apartment that has a view of the city skyline. Mari loves to visit toy stores, play with the family’s pet cat, and go to baby play groups. In the movie, she is notable for her dramatic reactions to, and frustrations with, everyday life.

I won another blog giveaway!!

And this one is UBER cute and totally going in my baby closet!
They are little blue baby socks!!! Awwwww!! Thank you to