Friday, April 9, 2010

Got some shopping in today!

First stop was CVS to do the Pampers deal. I really am starting to dread every time I go in and see the new girl. Both times she has rung me up she acts like I'm trying to get away with something and makes things difficult. *sigh* Anyways...the deal worked out good.

I got:

Box of Pampers $19.99
3 CVS brand baby bath products $1.99 each
2 Rolls of CVS toilet paper $1.15 each

Total: $28.26
-$2 Pampers Q
(2) $1 off skin care (she felt this didn't match with the bath products....I think it does and corporate agreed with me)
(2) $1 off CVS paper products
Total: - $6.00
-$17.50 ECB!

Paid $5.74 OOP
Saved $23..50
And I earned $10 ECB to spend later :)

Then K-mart. Ugh. If it hadn't been for the Mrs. Smith Bags contest I wouldn't have went but I wanted that diaper bag!! lol. Of course I was too late but here I am shown with one of these fabulous bags!! Check out their facebook page HERE

MAN...I love how skinny I look!! That was a fluke totally. lol
So I ended up getting a little shirt set and jeans for Lula on clearance for $1.99

Gillete Body wash $4.00 (suppose to be free but she input the coupon wrong and y the time I noticed it I didnt feel like going back in.
Tweezer 1.99 - Doubled Coupon FREE
Crest Mouthwash 4.45- DC .45
Shaving Cream 4.39- DC 2.39 (Only bought this because I had the Buy this get the body wash free to match)

Pedigree Dog treats- 3.99 - DC FREE

Spent $12. 17
Saved $11.98
Should have been
Spent $ 8.17


  1. Good job Momma!!
    I don't always like to admit the things I buy, even if I get a good deal...haha...I'm trying to restrain myself these days and have been avoiding the daily deal websites for exactly that reason!!
    amber :)

  2. Oooh the daily deal websites are dangerous! lol. I have been pretty good this month since Publix sales haven't been anything I really needed. I am getting back on track for my $100 a month grocery budget!