Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big Day!

Well we went and got a friend for Princess tweet tweet. Introducing Billy!!


And got some wood for Matt to build the fish tank stand. And I got my tattoos!! Thanks so much to Kalieb  at Hot Rod Tattoos for doing such a super job!! 

And also...

For our angel baby Gavin.

Unfortunately...they did not have coupons for the tattoos. Lol!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Diaper Stockpile!!!

So I don't know why put I feel weird posting without a picture...something just doesn't feel right about it. So from now on there will always be a picture even if it is totally random.

Today I decided to post a picture of my diaper/wipe stockpile since I went and added to it today :)

Side 1 
Side 2

Ones that are being returned for either Size 2 or 3 since Lula doesn't need them anymore...

(Pay no attention to the crap all over the floor. It is my yard sale pile)

So there you go. My hoarding diaper shame lol. But hey...when I do finally have a baby (one way or another) we won't ever have to buy diapers! And since I'm averaging .05 per diaper and less then .01 per wipe then I figure its worth it. And it keeps me entertained. Oh...I also broke down and purchased one of the new 6 days soon First Response tests! I know I know....I said I wouldn't but I totally did. Soooo...I am testing one day sooner. so 2 days until testing? I think that's right. Lol. 


Thursday, February 25, 2010


Lets' see....Sissy is coming to pick Lula up to take her to lunch. Brooklyn is doing what she does...sleep. I'm exhausted because it takes me a minimum of 3 hours to fall asleep and Matt is discouraged at work. (You would be too if you had worked 2 years with NO raise!!) Oh and 4 more days until testing. But I am loosing hope. I mean I know that I wouldn't have symptoms at this point regardless and that even if I happen to actually be pregnant that the chances of it showing on a test that soon are slim to none...but I just want it so bad. And when you want it this bad it doesn't happen. *sigh*

Other than that everything is pretty calm. I think I am lowering my wipe stockpile to 3000. I'm at 2000 and I tell you...that is a LOT of wipes!! I know I will use them all but I think I have enough to make it through at least size 1 & 2. I don't think Lula ever had that many wipes. lol. I guess I'll be going shopping this weekend but I haven't looked since I put it up because it didn't seem like there was anything we needed besides maybe some pasta sauce. But I have the Iams coupons and the knox overage that need to be used so I will go. :) Well..if anything else comes to mind I will update later. But for now that' about it.

*4 DAYS UNTIL TESTING* (That seems forever really does) 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My new "JOB"


Yep. I get paid to watch this beautiful little girl until she is big enough to go to daycare!! How'd I get so lucky? Lol. Tallulah is taking it well. Wants to help with everything and doesn't understand why she can't. If the baby was full term and mine it would be different but we have to be super careful with this little one so she has to learn not to touch. So yep...this is what I will be doing the next couple weeks. YAY! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last Publix trip!

Well the very last one was to get the rest of the chewing gum we found on the clearance shelf. .35 a pack :) Matt chews the heck out of gum and this will save tons!

On Monday though we went and had a great trip! Ran into several of the reps too! I like going on Mondays :)

All this for $42.96!! Saved $ 148.17!!

TTC update...

We are officially in the two week wait!!! I got my peak yesterday and today (CD 15 & 16) and we have been hard at work *wink wink* Lol. This is going to be a HARD two weeks!!!I want to test like NOW!!  I'm hoping I have the luck that others have had with using the Clearblue Easy fertility monitor...that it happens on month one...we shall see. And as I am doing an experiment on how soon you can get a positive if in fact you are pregnant my first testing day will be March 1st...6 days before my missed period. The $ General tests are what I will be using...I want so bad to buy one of the new First Response packs but I need to use what I have first. Soooo... 6 days until testing!!!!


I happened to be on facebook when this deal came across and just HAD to run out and see if it was true!! CVS has Huggies Big Refill 3 pks on sale 2/$5 with card!! AND when I scanned my card I got a $2 off wipes coupon! So 6 packs of Huggies refill packs (and one Princess Valentines set on clearance for Lula) for $14.63!! Saved $37.18!!
YAY for my diaper/Wipe stockpile!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines day Trip to Publix!

Yes...we finished up Lulas birthday weekend with a trip to Publix. Lol. I did pretty good but didn;t realize that all the coupons in the Little book of Big buys expired YESTERDAY! And seeing as I had like 6 of them I missed out on about $4.50 of savings. I still did really great though! And I am LOVING those $4/1 Knox Product coupons!! I have I think $6 more left and ordered 20 more of them. I spent $15 but they will end up getting me $60 in free groceries! Totally worth it!! So here it is....

Kitty Cat Meow is SET for cat food for awhile now!! 5 bags for .25 each! Free 4 Kotex Tampons, 3 Country Crock Butter, 8 Breakstones Cottage Cheese doubles, 2 chap sticks, 2 Hallmark cards Plastic Cups and of course my Knox stuff. And I believe I purchased enough to qualify for the $10 Publix Gift Card!!!
Soo…all of this was…*UPDATE* The Publix Gift card offer ended the 13th. Boo. But still an awesome trip.
$7.25 + $5.03 tax (I hate that they charge tax on coupons)
Saved $136.79!!!

92% Savings!!

Birthdays and Bears. Oh my!!

So my Princess is officially 3 years old now! She had so much fun and so did me and her daddy. It is so different once they get old enough to know what is actually going on. We had a somewhat small party compared to previous years but it was so much fun and she loves all her presents! A big thanks to everyone that came out and wished my little Ladybug a wonderful birthday!!



She had to put on every single outfit we bought her! lol


And the newest family addition Princess Tweet Tweet!!


Then of course the party continued into today at Build A Bear! It was CRAZY and they said it was even worse yesterday! I’m so glad we changed our minds about having a party there!

IMG_3828 IMG_3826IMG_3833  Damn woman drivers always talking on the phone and driving…..


At home with all her Build A Bear Babies!!! *Puppy Dog* *Rabbit* & *Princess*


Friday, February 12, 2010

Welll....since Ruth spilled the beans!!

I am officially helping Ruth to do the Publix match ups over at  Super excited about this!! I just LOVE getting people involved with couponing and saving money and this seems like it came to me just when I needed it most! Looking forward to growing, learning and having fun for many years to come!! Check out her button I posted and I promise I will get mine working correctly soon...

Now I'm off to bed! The big birthday girl, Princess Tallulah, has her fabulous party tomorrow!! Always a ton of work and a ton of fun!! name is Jennifer..and I'm a coupon addict

I was going to skip this weeks Publix sales....I promise I was!!! But I can't!!! ha!! But I'm excited because I only went for the super duper awesome deals and I will also be earning that $10 Publix Unilever Gift card FINALLY!! From what i understand as of 2/09/10 they have not reached their 5000 max.

I also have some SUPER EXCITING news that I will announce soon!!! You can not imagine how excited I am about this!! So stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

As promised...

Here is a detailed list of what we got this far I don't mind that I already hit my (very loose) budget. Nothing jumped out at me this week that we needed so one week down and 3 more to go before I get another $100! Lol. although....those pork chops they had on sale are starting to sound yummy.....Ok..I digress. Lol.

(2) Edy's Ice cream
(2) Heluva Good Dip
(1) Glad garbage bags 80 ct
(1) Dorito
(1) Publix Potato Chips
(2) Cottonelle Toilet Paper (I think  they were 6 pk)
(1) Scotts 1000 Toilet Paper (Do NOT like this stuff and wish Angel Soft 4 pks would go to .99 again..)
(2) Publix Hot dog Buns
(1) Texas Toast
(1) 24 Pk Hot dogs
(5) Hallmark Cards
(1) Bundle of bananas
(8) Kraft Shells & Cheese
(1) Lloyds Pork BBQ
(1) Mexican Tortilla
(1) Fischer Fusion Snack mix
(2) Miracle Whip
(1) Berry Bals....I have no clue at this point what this is...but it cost $1.85 lol. OHHHH!! It was Salad Dressing :)
(6) Planters Trail Mix
(8) Spam Singles
(1) 24 pk water
(5) Planters Peanuts
(1) Head of Lettuce
(12) Chef Boyardee
(4) Bush Kidney Bean
(1) 12 pk Mich Ultra
(8) Healthy Choice (I think) Soups
(1) Big Maxwell House Coffee thing
(2) Frenchs Mustard
(2) College Inn Broths
(2) Kraft Singles Cheese
(2) McCormick Chili Mix
(1) Celestial Seasons Sleepy Time tea

Order Total: $96.95
Sales Tax: $7.57
GRAND TOTAL: $104.52

SAVINGS: $125.53


Well I guess first let me say that we had SOOOOO much fun at the circus!!! This is the first time Tallulah has ever been and seeing it through her eyes gave me chill bumps at times. She is growing up and getting so big. I am loving this age and loving spending all the time I can with her! At the end Matt's favorite part was the motorcycles in the big ball...and the hot circus women. I LOVED the elephants (as i always have) and I think Lula loved it all! Including her white Tiger in a pink purse she named Rawr (see above). It really was lots of fun.

Monday, February 8, 2010

February…1st trip and already over budget lol

We went shopping yesterday. I knew my list was going to be big and have lots none coupon items but I was sad to see the total….$107. and saved $125…So I’m already over my budget. We got lots of stuff we needed and stocked up on easy fix lunch items so that made hubby happy so I’m sure he won’t mind if I go get the super good deals every week. :) We were in such a rush to get to our friends house for the Super Bowl that I didn’t take pictures but I will be back to do a detailed list and also post some pictures from the Circus this weekend! is an update on emailing the companies..

The companies I contacted were:

*Huggies - Compliment
 Got an email reply and coupons in the mail!

*Electrosal- Compliment

*Anheiser-Busch- Complaint. Got some really BAD, skunky beer. :(
Got an email and instructions on calling in for some reason. I still haven't called.

*Edy's- Compliment
Email response no coupons

*Juicy Juice- Compliment
Email response and no coupons...I did all of a sudden get the sippy cup that I ordered years ago so maybe that had something to do with it! 

Email response and coupons in the mail!!!

Email response but no coupons.

*Enfamil-Complaint -NEVER receive any darn coupons

*Similac-Complaint-same as above

*All detergent-Compliment

*Iams Dog Food - Compliment
Email response and promise of coupons but haven't got any as of yet.

Sooo...I would say that it was worth the time it took to write and I will be doing more!

On the TTC homefront February is not our month. :*( AF showed her ugly face officially today. I am however, as one of my forum girls put it, armed and dangerous now! We both have clomid which Matt has been taking for about 2 weeks now and  I will start taking on CD 3, I have my fertility monitor which will ask me to start testing on CD 6 (Hope CVS hurries up and ships my test strips so I don't have to go buy more) and I also ordered soft cups which scare me to death but I figure what the heck..I'll try anything at this point. lol. So fingers crossed that March is our month and I get that BFP on March 4th!!! My official testing day! (Maybe March 1st if I can get my hands on one of those new First response tests!) On a side note this being our 12th cycle I feel like this might be it!! That we will get another positive and that our little bean will stick!! POSITIVE THOUGHTS ALL AROUND! :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Windows 7 ROCKS!!!

I am currently blogging through my Windows 7 blog application! Super excited about this!!! I just got my new system and I have to say that by far this Windows is the coolest and most user friendly!! If *I* can use it anyone can!! lol. Big upgrade from Vista and XP that I had last time!!Give it a try and see for yourself!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Updating Shopping trips through January 31st :)

Well....we got our tax refund last week. And as much as I swore I would do super good I (and hubby) both went a little crazy...not too bad but still...we did pay off LOTS of bills. And really only spent money on the kitchen stuff and little things here and there. And went out to eat one day. Anyways...the shopping that I did for the family (not "spoil me" shopping) was:

Publix 1/28/10

Spent : $40.61
Saved: $141.82
Not my best at only 78% savings but I did go back and get another $10.70 back from coupons that didn't ring up. I spent that on a book of stamps. Lol.

So with that added in..

Spent $29.91

So really 83%!! Much better  :) I know I have a picture but I can't find my camera. I also will earn a $5 rebate on the glad products I purchased but hubby said I can not count my rebates until I get them. Boo...hisss...

I did one trip to Rite-aid especially for the fertility test.

Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor $199.99
(2) Nature Bounty Magnesium 6.49 each
-$149.99 Sale 75% off Fertility Monitor
-$6.49 BOGO vitamin
-(2) $5/1 vitamin MQ
-(2) $1/1 vitamin RVV
-$5/20 RA
-$25 prescription gift card

OOP: $17.32
SAVED:$ 195.65!!

Now I just have to figure out how to get the $50 test sticks for cheaper! lol

And then I guess I will count my CVS trip since it adds to my diaper stockpile.

(2) Jumbo pack huggies (1 for a gift) $20.00
(1) fleece blanket for Lula 1.00

-(2) 3/15 coupons. She said she could use 2 of them and did! Wow.
-$2/1 Huggies
-$1.50/1 Huggies
-$2 CVS Huggies coupon

Total: $10.93
Saved: $26.41 (Huggies were on sale too) So I'm going to take off the $1 for Lulas blanket and say that I paid $4.93 for each pack. :)

Oh how I missed blogging!!

Well some of you know that I have been having laptop problems. That is putting it midly. After mine pretty much caught fire last week and Dell was nice enough to send me a new one even though I was out of warranty (guess they dont like to hear how it smoked and burned up while it was IN MY LAP!!!) I am back online!!! And have a quick note on how NOT to paint your kitchen...

Me & hubby have slowly been updating our kitchen a little bit. Trying not to spend too much but make it just a little nicer. Well we are to the painting part after laying tile floor and I had an inspiration pic that I've dreamed of since I painted it yellow 5 years ago...

Inspiration Picture:

And now...what not to do....

It looks like someone pooped...while beating someone else to death and proceeded to smear the poop and bloody remains all over my wall. And I really loved my yellow :( Oh well. I'm going to paint it all white and then start over.