Friday, February 26, 2010

Diaper Stockpile!!!

So I don't know why put I feel weird posting without a picture...something just doesn't feel right about it. So from now on there will always be a picture even if it is totally random.

Today I decided to post a picture of my diaper/wipe stockpile since I went and added to it today :)

Side 1 
Side 2

Ones that are being returned for either Size 2 or 3 since Lula doesn't need them anymore...

(Pay no attention to the crap all over the floor. It is my yard sale pile)

So there you go. My hoarding diaper shame lol. But hey...when I do finally have a baby (one way or another) we won't ever have to buy diapers! And since I'm averaging .05 per diaper and less then .01 per wipe then I figure its worth it. And it keeps me entertained. Oh...I also broke down and purchased one of the new 6 days soon First Response tests! I know I know....I said I wouldn't but I totally did. Soooo...I am testing one day sooner. so 2 days until testing? I think that's right. Lol. 


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