Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Updating Shopping trips through January 31st :)

Well....we got our tax refund last week. And as much as I swore I would do super good I (and hubby) both went a little crazy...not too bad but still...we did pay off LOTS of bills. And really only spent money on the kitchen stuff and little things here and there. And went out to eat one day. Anyways...the shopping that I did for the family (not "spoil me" shopping) was:

Publix 1/28/10

Spent : $40.61
Saved: $141.82
Not my best at only 78% savings but I did go back and get another $10.70 back from coupons that didn't ring up. I spent that on a book of stamps. Lol.

So with that added in..

Spent $29.91

So really 83%!! Much better  :) I know I have a picture but I can't find my camera. I also will earn a $5 rebate on the glad products I purchased but hubby said I can not count my rebates until I get them. Boo...hisss...

I did one trip to Rite-aid especially for the fertility test.

Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor $199.99
(2) Nature Bounty Magnesium 6.49 each
-$149.99 Sale 75% off Fertility Monitor
-$6.49 BOGO vitamin
-(2) $5/1 vitamin MQ
-(2) $1/1 vitamin RVV
-$5/20 RA
-$25 prescription gift card

OOP: $17.32
SAVED:$ 195.65!!

Now I just have to figure out how to get the $50 test sticks for cheaper! lol

And then I guess I will count my CVS trip since it adds to my diaper stockpile.

(2) Jumbo pack huggies (1 for a gift) $20.00
(1) fleece blanket for Lula 1.00

-(2) 3/15 coupons. She said she could use 2 of them and did! Wow.
-$2/1 Huggies
-$1.50/1 Huggies
-$2 CVS Huggies coupon

Total: $10.93
Saved: $26.41 (Huggies were on sale too) So I'm going to take off the $1 for Lulas blanket and say that I paid $4.93 for each pack. :)

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