Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines day Trip to Publix!

Yes...we finished up Lulas birthday weekend with a trip to Publix. Lol. I did pretty good but didn;t realize that all the coupons in the Little book of Big buys expired YESTERDAY! And seeing as I had like 6 of them I missed out on about $4.50 of savings. I still did really great though! And I am LOVING those $4/1 Knox Product coupons!! I have I think $6 more left and ordered 20 more of them. I spent $15 but they will end up getting me $60 in free groceries! Totally worth it!! So here it is....

Kitty Cat Meow is SET for cat food for awhile now!! 5 bags for .25 each! Free 4 Kotex Tampons, 3 Country Crock Butter, 8 Breakstones Cottage Cheese doubles, 2 chap sticks, 2 Hallmark cards Plastic Cups and of course my Knox stuff. And I believe I purchased enough to qualify for the $10 Publix Gift Card!!!
Soo…all of this was…*UPDATE* The Publix Gift card offer ended the 13th. Boo. But still an awesome trip.
$7.25 + $5.03 tax (I hate that they charge tax on coupons)
Saved $136.79!!!

92% Savings!!

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