Monday, February 8, 2010

February…1st trip and already over budget lol

We went shopping yesterday. I knew my list was going to be big and have lots none coupon items but I was sad to see the total….$107. and saved $125…So I’m already over my budget. We got lots of stuff we needed and stocked up on easy fix lunch items so that made hubby happy so I’m sure he won’t mind if I go get the super good deals every week. :) We were in such a rush to get to our friends house for the Super Bowl that I didn’t take pictures but I will be back to do a detailed list and also post some pictures from the Circus this weekend! is an update on emailing the companies..

The companies I contacted were:

*Huggies - Compliment
 Got an email reply and coupons in the mail!

*Electrosal- Compliment

*Anheiser-Busch- Complaint. Got some really BAD, skunky beer. :(
Got an email and instructions on calling in for some reason. I still haven't called.

*Edy's- Compliment
Email response no coupons

*Juicy Juice- Compliment
Email response and no coupons...I did all of a sudden get the sippy cup that I ordered years ago so maybe that had something to do with it! 

Email response and coupons in the mail!!!

Email response but no coupons.

*Enfamil-Complaint -NEVER receive any darn coupons

*Similac-Complaint-same as above

*All detergent-Compliment

*Iams Dog Food - Compliment
Email response and promise of coupons but haven't got any as of yet.

Sooo...I would say that it was worth the time it took to write and I will be doing more!

On the TTC homefront February is not our month. :*( AF showed her ugly face officially today. I am however, as one of my forum girls put it, armed and dangerous now! We both have clomid which Matt has been taking for about 2 weeks now and  I will start taking on CD 3, I have my fertility monitor which will ask me to start testing on CD 6 (Hope CVS hurries up and ships my test strips so I don't have to go buy more) and I also ordered soft cups which scare me to death but I figure what the heck..I'll try anything at this point. lol. So fingers crossed that March is our month and I get that BFP on March 4th!!! My official testing day! (Maybe March 1st if I can get my hands on one of those new First response tests!) On a side note this being our 12th cycle I feel like this might be it!! That we will get another positive and that our little bean will stick!! POSITIVE THOUGHTS ALL AROUND! :)

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  1. sending BFP dust and sticky dust your way, good luck sweetie, you totally deserve it!