Thursday, February 25, 2010


Lets' see....Sissy is coming to pick Lula up to take her to lunch. Brooklyn is doing what she does...sleep. I'm exhausted because it takes me a minimum of 3 hours to fall asleep and Matt is discouraged at work. (You would be too if you had worked 2 years with NO raise!!) Oh and 4 more days until testing. But I am loosing hope. I mean I know that I wouldn't have symptoms at this point regardless and that even if I happen to actually be pregnant that the chances of it showing on a test that soon are slim to none...but I just want it so bad. And when you want it this bad it doesn't happen. *sigh*

Other than that everything is pretty calm. I think I am lowering my wipe stockpile to 3000. I'm at 2000 and I tell you...that is a LOT of wipes!! I know I will use them all but I think I have enough to make it through at least size 1 & 2. I don't think Lula ever had that many wipes. lol. I guess I'll be going shopping this weekend but I haven't looked since I put it up because it didn't seem like there was anything we needed besides maybe some pasta sauce. But I have the Iams coupons and the knox overage that need to be used so I will go. :) Well..if anything else comes to mind I will update later. But for now that' about it.

*4 DAYS UNTIL TESTING* (That seems forever really does) 

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