Saturday, July 31, 2010

Neilsen Homescan

I've HEARD this is pretty fun to do! You get a scanner and scan all the stuff you buy and I guess get paid for helping them out. Unfortunately every time I try to sign up it says there are none available :( Maybe some of my readers will have better luck. If you get one let me know!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The best Publix trip to date!!

It was so nice to see the total OOP on this one! I lucked out and found some coupons not listed on many of the coupon match up sites.

I got:
6 boxes of hamburger/tuna/chicken helper
8 cans of Chef Boyardee
8 tubes of toothpaste
1 Lunchables

OOP: .78!!!

Saved: $42.72

Then went to Rite-Aid and got all this free!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tweeking My Page!

All my readers know I love saving money! And I am still going to post my great shopping trips but I'm going to switch up some pages to show how I earn money and gift cards online! There are so many great blogs that list coupon match ups and freebies so I will always direct you to them :) After all, they are who I learned from! So stay tuned.

I'm in LOVE!!!

with Swagbucks!! Lol. I joined up earlier this year but never really did anything with it and now I'm on a mission!! I want to get enough gift cards to pay for the nursery set I want. The bedding is like $140.So far, since the 15th, I have earned $25 and am only 50 points away from another $5!! PLUS!!! DH and I were planning on switching back to directv soon. We got mad at them for their stupid "new customer" freebies. You would think they would give offers to their existing customers in order to keep them, right?Nope.Anyways...we have had Mediacom for over a year now and I just signed up for Directv through Swagbucks and will earn....get this....12,750 swag bucks!!! That is enough for like 34 $5 gift cards!! Woot woot!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rite Aid trip

First let me say that my space key is sticking and it is VERY annoying! Grrrrr.

My second GRRRR is that I finally got enough Huggies Enjoy the Ride codes from this shopping trip to earn the free pack of Huggies and they are no longer offering it!! Ugh. I might get the wipes.

Lula now insists on being in the pictures lol

Pampers Wipes- $2.63
Mascara- $7.99
Eyeshadow -6.79
Eyeshadow- $2.71
Candy- .44
Candy- 1.49

Total: $34.32


-5/25 RA Q
-5/25 Wellness Q
BOGO Covergirl(-2.71)
(2) -2/1 CovergirlQ's
-1/1 TP RAQ
-50/1 TP MQ
-1/1 Huggies RA Q



Earned $3.00 +UP rewards on next purchase
$5.00 Single Check Rebate
Free Pack of Huggies through Rite Aid rebate(Buy 5 get a free pack) 11.99 Value
And free Huggies wipes and wipes refill ($9.50 value)

So all together I guess I could say this trip was kinda like a $12.50 Money Maker!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Publix trip and SOOO happy!!

I FINALLY figured out the frozen food clearance items! And how to find them. Lol. I hadn't ever bothered to really look but I did today and got lots of Lean Cuisines and such for half price! Love it!! Matched with coupons these make great deals!

Spent OOP: $ 45.07

Saved: $92.07

Friday, July 16, 2010

Publix Trip!

Made an awesome Publix trip today! (when are they NOT awesome, right?) Got a lot of things with no coupons so my total OOP was higher than normal but the things I did get with coupons were awesome deals!!

OOP: $ 32.43
Saved: $64.52

Coupon deals:

Reg. Price:$ 2.79
Paid: .40

Finish Gelpacks
Reg. Price: $6.99

9Lives Cat Food
Reg. Price: $3.89

Hersheys Syrup
Reg. Price: $1.65
Paid: .50

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jamaica Fund Deposit for this week!!

So I sold some of Lula's baby toys for $20
We got our HUGE $4 State Refund check.

And I emptied my old purses and found exactly $5.02 in change!!

Total: $29.02


This was a great week!! Can't wait until I hit the first $100!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jamaica Fund Addition

Well I added $6 while we were up in New York and when I got home I had a $3 Single Check rebate from Rite-Aid! You can deposit these in the bank so we now have $9!! I am getting excited about this. It's slowly growing and I'm finding more and more "found" money!! So exciting!!