Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm in LOVE!!!

with Swagbucks!! Lol. I joined up earlier this year but never really did anything with it and now I'm on a mission!! I want to get enough gift cards to pay for the nursery set I want. The bedding is like $140.So far, since the 15th, I have earned $25 and am only 50 points away from another $5!! PLUS!!! DH and I were planning on switching back to directv soon. We got mad at them for their stupid "new customer" freebies. You would think they would give offers to their existing customers in order to keep them, right?Nope.Anyways...we have had Mediacom for over a year now and I just signed up for Directv through Swagbucks and will earn....get this....12,750 swag bucks!!! That is enough for like 34 $5 gift cards!! Woot woot!!


  1. How are things on the pregnancy front?

  2. Blah. Still not pregnant. We were suppose to go in for IUI the end of this month but I'm not sure if I will feel up to it. We might have to put it off until next month :(