Monday, July 19, 2010

Rite Aid trip

First let me say that my space key is sticking and it is VERY annoying! Grrrrr.

My second GRRRR is that I finally got enough Huggies Enjoy the Ride codes from this shopping trip to earn the free pack of Huggies and they are no longer offering it!! Ugh. I might get the wipes.

Lula now insists on being in the pictures lol

Pampers Wipes- $2.63
Mascara- $7.99
Eyeshadow -6.79
Eyeshadow- $2.71
Candy- .44
Candy- 1.49

Total: $34.32


-5/25 RA Q
-5/25 Wellness Q
BOGO Covergirl(-2.71)
(2) -2/1 CovergirlQ's
-1/1 TP RAQ
-50/1 TP MQ
-1/1 Huggies RA Q



Earned $3.00 +UP rewards on next purchase
$5.00 Single Check Rebate
Free Pack of Huggies through Rite Aid rebate(Buy 5 get a free pack) 11.99 Value
And free Huggies wipes and wipes refill ($9.50 value)

So all together I guess I could say this trip was kinda like a $12.50 Money Maker!!

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