Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Last minute run to Publix!

I almost missed this sale but just couldn't pass it up with such a great week.

I went by CVS first to use my SOBE coupons...

Got all this for ....*drum roll*


Yep all that for .08! Woohoo. 

Then went to Publix and did pretty good there too....

OOP: $20 even. Sweet
Saved: $95.25


  1. Okay, I'm impressed! Wow. Hi, I'm your 50th follower from the Thursday blog hop and I'm so glad I found your blog. I could learn a thing or two around here. I hope we can become blogging buddies so come visit and follow my blog too. And remember, there are more blog hops tomorrow if you're up for it! Smiles.


  2. Awesome! I will see how tomorrow goes and hopefully I can join up.

  3. I'm totes impressed. I always wonder how people do that. Great work.

    Following you back!!!