Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another GREAT trip to Publix!!

Decided to go ahead and do a quick trip today...

CVS had a lot of good deals but I ended up having to get rainchecks for 2 of the 3 I wanted. I did get a Huggies box of diapers...

Huggies- 19.99
-$3 CVS Q
-$3 MQ

Paid: $15.10 but walked out with $10 ECB!!

Then I ran in to Rite-Aid to see if a deal I had heard about really worked and not only did it but it was BETTER!!

The 2 pack of Tugaboos diapers are.99. There is a $1 coupon inside. PLUS...with the Wellness + card you get a discount of .20. I bought the first pack for .84 and then 7 more packs I got paid .16 each for!! So I got 16 diapers and made .44!!! Woot woot

And then publix...
Spent: $9.82
Saved $65.20

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