Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I missed you Publix!!!

So today I decided to run to Publix so as not to miss another week of sales! I missed it so much! I didn't do as well as normal but seeing as I hadn't been shopping in nearly 2 months there was things we had to have.

I spent: $ 43.41

I put it all up before I remembered to take a picture lol. But next week I will for sure!!

Today I also broke down and bought a Coupon Clutch!! I LOVE this thing and have seen it in person and loved it even more! I got this super cute pink/black one

I also stopped by CVS to use some Huggies coupons I had. Wish I would have done it last week for an even better deal but this wasn't too bad.

Got the super cute Limited edition Jeans Huggies!!

Huggies: $11.99

-$2 CVS Q
-$3 MQ

$7.65 :) Not the best price but I REALLY wanted some of these. Lol

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