Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brilliant new Idea!!

So since my diaper stockpile is almost complete I kept thinking of another goal to work on. And thanks to Kristen over at Couponing to Disney I figured it out!!! Hubby and I got married in Montego Bay, Jamaica and the day we left I knew I wanted to go back! Sooooo...I am going to coupon to Jamaica!! Whatever I save with coupons is going to a Jamaica fund!! I don't have a certain time frame or anything...when I get enough I get enough. This is going to be so fun!!

I think the cost break down needed will be:

$1800 (Room)
$1500 (flight)


I can totally do that!!


So after some research I have found out that past guests month for Sunset Beach Resort & Spa is in September and we can get awesome deals!! The room for 5 nights runs at only $900!! That is half of the regular rate!!! So I am thinking September it is!!

New Cost Breakdown:

$900 (Room)
$1300 (Flight)

Grand Total: $2200!

And I couponed this week up here in NY and am adding $6 so far. :)

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