Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Give me my free milk!!

Well..we finally have a threat of snow here in Alabama. It figures that 2 days after leaving New York they would get a blizzard. Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow to a nice blanket!

On the home front staying at home is....FREAKING AWESOME!!! lol. I don't know why anyone would NOT want to do this! I feel productive and creative and feel like I'm accomplishing more than I ever have.I LOVE it!! Me and Lula have a little schedule worked out that keeps us on track most days.Here it is...

We had tons of fun making it too!

On the money front I have decided that we 100 % HAVE to start paying off this debt of our. I haven't ever actually read Dave Ramsey but I know the basics and we are starting our debt snowball!! We don't have a lot of extra money at all..but what we do get will go to the bills.I want to get out from this and I think hubby is on board too.

As far as the milk goes...Kroger had an awesome deal where I would get 2 free gallons of milk. Well...of course by the time I got around to clipping them (online) they were all gone. Boo. And we needed milk. Double boo. So I woke up this morning on a mission to still spend my $4 I had budgeted and get me my milk!! This is what I got at Publix..

4 eggbeaters
4 benevia drink 4 pk
4 Juicy Juice
4 Teddy Grahams/Ritz Bitz
1 Publix Tortilla Chips (penny item)
1 gallon Publix Milk

Total OOP: $ 3.74
Total Savings: $75.06


And this trip is 4 boxes out of 10 of Nabisco crackers that I need for a $10 rebate. I'm going shopping with family this weekend and hopefully I can get their receipt to send in for the rebate.

As far as Rite-Aid goes...they are holding my Prescription Transfer gift card hostage. I dont really NEED the prescription we transferred and it cost $15 to fill. i figured that I would still end up with $10 FREE and went to get it...well...I had no money and you can't use the gift card on that purchase. It makes sense but blah. Oh well..I guess eventually I will have $15 lol.

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  1. WOW. all that for under $ are my idol, hahaha