Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yay for Thursdays!

I got to hang out with an old friend today!! had a blast and we are going to start couponing together! YAY for a coupon buddy!! I went back to Publix today because we were out of dog and cat food plus mom wanted to go. I did really good considering the animal food was $35 by itself!

(1) Iams Dog Food
(1) Iams Cat Food
(4) GE light bulbs
(2) Lenders Bagels
(3) Fantastik Cleaners
(6) Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers
(1) Banana Smoothie Mix (for lula)
(4) Scotties Cube tissues
(1) Jumbo Pack Huggies!! I FINALLY got my coupon for the pack I won and got so excited to use it that I forgot about the Publix gift card they are giving away with $30 purchase :( I wish I could return them and do it again. Lol
(4) Crystal Light
(1) Tyson Fun nuggets
(2) Publix Hot dogs
(2) Sundown Vitamins
(1) Travel Size First Aid kit
(2) Phyzame

Paid OOP: $37.37


Only 72% savings..but with the pet supplies I really expected worse! OH! I also earned a $5 rebate for the Fantastik purchases!!! So I guess really I should say that I spent $32.37 and saved $97.40 :)

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