Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wow....I'm slow

So I was bored today and wanted to get out of the house with the family so I started working some Publix deals and headed out with the hubster and the fussy bambino. (She had pretended to sleep during nap time)

Everything went pretty much as schedule except the money making phayzme was out of stock but they will be getting more in on Tuesday so I'll go then. We also added to large jugs of gatorade to the shopping cart that we couldn't pass up. BOGO $2.50 and .55 Publix Q's. So we paid $.70 each. On to the "I can't believe I'm just NOW noticing this" stuff.

So we rang up and my total came to $10.17....quite a bit more then I expected. Even without getting my $3 overage and the $1.40 it was still more than I was thinking it should be. So I looked....the total sales was $6.25 and sales tax was $3.92!!! I paid more than half in taxes!! CRAZY!!! So I called publix and they said that taxes have to be paid on coupons. WTF. Sure enough I looked and it seems like my tax has always been high. I just never noticed. I guess I was just always happy with my savings. Which I still am!! Don't get me wrong! I still saved $74.99. But it was only 88% savings. Boo. I like hitting the 90's at least.

I think I may be spoiled...and cheap.

Order Total:6.25
Sales Tax: 3.92
Grand Total: 10.17

Savings Summary
Vendor Q's: 32.00
Store Q's: 39.10
Adv. Specials: 2.50
Adv. Buys: 1.39

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