Sunday, January 3, 2010

YAY for 97% savings!!

Wow. I think I'm still a little shocked at how well I did this week!! 2 trips to Rite Aid and one Publix.

Rite Aid
4 Acai Berry diet supplements/cleansers
6 Stay free/carefree pads
4 Nivea lip balm
Christmas pen & candy, Vapor plug (fill ins)

OOP: $2.13
Coupon Savings:$39.96
Adv. Savings: $37.93
Total Savings : $77.89

Now Publix. They changed their policy up some and aren't taking Food Lion Q's anymore. Thankfully I didn't have any I needed to use but I will miss being able to. They do still take Save A lot...for now.It was a short list but that is what I planned to start doing now that we have a good base of food in the house. Just the super good deals and what we need from now on.

4 (4)pks of Benevia drinks (LOVE this stuff)
2 (4)pks of Fiber One Yogurt
2 Wishbone Dressing
2 Smart balance butter tubs
2 Vlasic pickles (The BIG jars!)
1 (12) pk Mountain Dew

Paid $1.66
Saved $59.08!!


  1. you, my dear...are my idol...I will be asking you for tips once I get my own warned...hehe...

    Oh and no, sadly, I have not found any way to get an e-mail update when you post...I just have you bookmarked and check back often, hehe. :) Love you girl, can't wait to hear more savings!

  2. Thanks girl!! And I will totally help you out!!