Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Totally Going back for more!!

I had a fricken AWESOME Publix trip today! Mainly because it was all stuff I really wanted or needed. Well..not all of it but lots of it was. lol. Rite-Aid didn't go so well but meh. I will just save my stuff for when it does work out there. Sooo...Publix....

(2)Tostitos Chips
(4) Lenders Bagels (YUM!!)
(2) Halls Cough drops
(4) 4 pk GE light bulbs
(5) Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers
(2) Kellogg Cereal
(1) Publix Grape Juice (Penny item!)
(2) Tostitos Salsa
(2) Scotties Tissue Cubes
(2) Crystal Light Tubes
(2) Scooby Doo Vitamens
(1) Vitamin D
(1)Vitamin A
(2) Betty Crocker fruit snacks
(2) Phayzme
(1) Travel Size First Aid kit
(2) J&J Adhesive Tape
(1) Wine (I started my Masters program today! I deserve to celebrate!) lol

Total OOP: $ 15.87

I'm so going back this weekend and getting basically the same thing minus the wine and chips/dip. Which means it should be free. lol. I do have to add my hubbys ice cream...but it wont be much. :)

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