Friday, March 12, 2010

Big shopping evening :)

Well first let me say that Wal-Mart informed me that they no longer take internet printables.....which sucks. But Oh well. So this is some of the good loot we got tonight. We bought more but didn't get a "deal" on them. Sometimes you just have to pay full price. Lol.

2 packs of the Pampers are not pictured because I have to return them for the size I need later since they were out.

1st stop was CVS.....Huggies Diapers & Wipes..
Diapers 11.99
Wipes 3.49

-2.00 MQ
-.75 MQ
-4.00 CVS Q
-4/20 CVS Q

$4.73  OOP!!

2nd stop Rite Aid

3 Jumbo Packs of Pampers & 1 Pampers Wipes & 2 J&J Lotions
The cruisers weren't on sale so I ended up paying more than I thought but
2 Diapers @ 11.99 each
1 wipes 2.49
2 J&J Lotions 3.69

(3) -2 MQ for diapers
(1) .50 MQ for wipes
(2) -1 MQ for lotions
(2) -1 Rite Aid Q's for lotions

$5/20 Rite Aid Q
$25 Priscription gift card
Paid $3.46 OOP! AND earned a $10 rebate!

3rd stop Build A Bear!
Easter Bunny $18
Easter Bunny undies $3.5
Pink fur trimmed purse on sale for $3.50

-5.00 coupon
-10 gift card bought for $5 on last trip

$11.06 OOP and one happy girl....priceless

And finally Publix where we got our meat for the month. (No but I did get my Buddy bars

(6) @ $1.09
-(6) -1 off J&J Product

OOP .54

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