Sunday, March 7, 2010

Excuse me Publix…but you just got ROBBED!! lol

Oh how I missed my publix trips!! I didn’t make it last week so it had been 2 weeks! I was going through withdrawal.
So first my Rite Aid trip! Thanks to Ruth over at Shopping Tips and Tricks I had the BOGO Starburst coupons printed after becoming a fan of their facebook page. And she also let me know about the covergirl BOGO coupon in the insert a couple weeks ago. Matched up with the Rite Aid BOGO sales I paid $1.66 for all this!!! (Saved $28.16!!) The Starburst coupons were up to 1.10 so I had to pay a little on them plus tax. IMG_3990
Now to publix!! YAY!! I did spend more than I wanted but we splurged a little bit. Lula got some Barbie dishes and we bought some non coupon items that we needed too. Overall though still a super deal! Especially since with the gift card I won it was all FREE!!!My goal is to get $300 worth of groceries out of that card and I'm totally going to do that.
I spent $82.39 of the gift card and saved $211.23!!! 72% savings! It was a LOT of stuff so here are a few pictures courtesy of hubby who also happens to be the official food organizer. Thank God! Without him I wouldn’t be able to fit anything in the kitchen. lol
Lula enjoying her Kool-aid cooler and a banana!. :) IMG_3989

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