Friday, March 19, 2010

Man I LOVE shopping!!!

So tonight I went ahead and did my All free & Clear detergent deal at Publix. Worked out better than I thought because I happened to be on and they have a VV coupon for $1/1 All!!! I printed 4 of them (don't want to get all crazy lol) and used a $5/20 and paid .95 plus tax!! ($1.15) Woot woot. I also am going to add in that I paid $4.00 for the $2 coupons from ebay. So..

10 jugs (344 loads!) for $6.10!!! Less than a .01 a load.

And then my Rite-Aid diaper deal. 120 diapers for $7.91. not the BEST I could do and I'm going to have to get some awesome deals to make up for the amount and stay at my .05 a diaper but still not bad. AND the BEST news...I was walking around and noticed all these awesome 50% off store is renovating!! And they are marking down lots of items to get rid of them!! I am so going back armed with all my coupons!!


  1. awesome job! I added up tons of laundry soap too! ain't it great saving money while shopping, I love shopping too!! I just wish I learned this years ago. Now I know to wait for the sale and also use coupon really helps, it kills me when i hear people say they have no time for coupons or coupons don't help much. I'm an addict now I try not to buy unless its on sale and i have a coupon

  2. Me too!! I had a friend years ago try to tell me about it and I was one of those "I don't have time for coupons" people. What a goob! Lol. To think of how much money I could have saved over the years makes me sick!