Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In a funk…

I’ve got to start getting out of the house more. Today I am fighting the urge to call Grandma again to come get Lula and take her to dance class. I know I won’t go grocery shopping like I wanted to already. I am determined to at least go exchange the diapers at Publix and maybe search for some coupons and then wait until Matt can go with me to do the actual grocery shopping. I also want to go to CVS and get the Huggies deal and exchange the Pull-ups I have. Got another BFN this morning but I am only 8 dpo so it is still early. But it is still disappointing…I guess I’ll look at it as more time to build my diaper stockpile! lol. Maybe another AWESOME wipes deal will come along soon!! Mwuahahaha.

And now for the random picture of the day…P1010586

Our wedding shadow box!! Ooooh…I think I will start the project I’ve been putting off. I have to get pictures for all the photo frames I got for Christmas!!

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