Thursday, March 25, 2010

A shopping we will go...a shopping we will go..

hi ho the merry-o a shopping we will go! Lol. Even hubby is noticing the increase in shopping trips lately. I have lost control. Mwuahahahaha.

Yesterday I just happened to walk into Rite-Aid again with my mom. The survey people were still there and mom got her $10 in gift cards just like I got the day before!! Woo hoo. So she bought me this...

They were both on clearance..the calendar was .99 and I think the eyeshadow was $1-something. :)

While walking around I noticed they had a Pur water pitcher for 50% off!! I had them hold it for me and ran home to get my coupons!! lol. I also printed the BOGO My Little Pony since I noticed they were 50% off too!!

Pur water pitcher 34.99 50% off $17.49
(2) Ponies 8.99 -$17.98 each 50% off $8.99
-3/15 RA Q
-5/25 RA Q
-3 Pur MQ
BOGO Pony Q -4.49

OOP: $12.00
Saved:  $29.97

Then I stopped at CVS today...

Pampers 8.97
Candy 2.50
Shampoo .99
Total:  12.46

-1 CVS Q (shampoo)
-$2 Pampers Q
-$7 ecb
Total: - 10.00

OOP: $3.10
Saved: $14.51

and earned $6 ECB to spend later!!

(Candy not shown because I ate it on the way home....not ALL of it but I figured it could stay in my cubby mwuahahaha)


  1. Good for you!!! Newest follower! Saying HI from The PR Place!!! Stop in at Scraps of Life! Have a great day!!

  2. WOW - looks like you got some great deals...Personally, I have a bit of a problem with the daily deal websites - shopping from the comfort of my computer plus great deals...I'm starting to think its not the best idea!! :)
    Amber :)

  3. LOL! Yeah that would totally get me in trouble!