Monday, December 14, 2009

A good ol' family weekend

yep. That is what we had. All wrapped up was shopping, Santa's Village, car-picking-uping, fighting, a Gold Party and coffee (or lack thereof.)

Saturday we got up and went to pick up Matt's birthday/christmas present. Drove to Decatur to get the trailor and then Hartselle to get the car. It was freezing!! I planned on stopping at work to get a few more coupons I needed to go shopping but forgot my stupid keys at home. Boo. Then I wanted coffee. Not just any coffee!! McDonalds coffee. After passing 2 McDonalds with no coffee and already being upset about the coupons well, lets just say this is where the fighting came into play. Yeah..I overreacted. :(


Got up and went to church. Then came home and decided to do what shopping I could but first Matt needed to get air in the tire of the new car and spray it out or some crap. So off him and Lula went. Two hours later and 1 hour before the Gold Party and he FINALLY made it back. See "fighting" from above. I finally decided to go on shopping and just hurry. First stop was bows, name tags and tissue paper for wrapping Christmas presents. Made like $2 cause I had 1 coupon and got ECB bucks back for all of it! YAY! Then to publix! I did awesome!!. All of this below for $27.84. I saved $83.88!! Woohoo!! (Pic coming soon)

Then it was off to the Gold Party where I sold some old stuff I haven't worn in years and made $110! Yay! Got home and picked up Lula and then went back to CVS where I got 2 bottles of All detergent, an airwick nightlight plug in and 2 refills and 2 Revlon lipsticks. I paid a total of $3.80 out of pocket!!Back to church at 5 for the new member class, then to Santa's Village!! Tallulah had SO much fun. She loved the fake snow which makes me even more excited about going to New York next week! She was scared to death of all the people walking around in costumes though. I thought for sure she would freak when she saw Santa!! But nope! Totally the opposite! I had to literally hold her back and once I let go she ran to him and just talked and talked and talked. Lol. She also pointed out her "pretty shoes" Too cute!

After Santa's Village we went to Olive Garden for a nice family dinner. :)

Today I went back to CVS and Publix to finish up! I had coupons for some candy but they didn't let me use one so I ended up paying more than I wanted. I got 4 bags of Hershey Kisses ($3.99 reg/$3 sale) and 8 Reeses Christmas trees for Johnny. (.75 each) Normally would have paid $21.96 and paid $9.27. If they had let me use my other coupon it would have only been $6.27. :(

Then over to Publix. Ugh. I ended up spending $62 even and saving $79.97. Not my best trip by far. BUT...I did get 2 HUGE boxes of diapers and pack of wipes. Breakdown cost of just them were:

2.99 (wipes)
Total: $42.97

$10/2 Publix Q
(2) $2/1 MQ
B1G1Wipes free $2.99
1.50 Competitor Q

Total: $18.49

Total OOP: $24.98. So basically I got one box free!!!

Then I stocked up on beef so I didn't have to keep running back. Got like 4 lbs for $11.99 minus a $2 competitor coupon. So that and the diapers was like $35 of my OOP expense. I never realized diapers were SO expensive. But Matt and I decided to go ahead and buy them when I could find a good deal. We figure since we are planning on another baby it can't hurt plus diapers always make great baby shower gifts! Here is a pic of everything.

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  1. Diapers ARE expensive! I can't wait until KL is out of them!