Thursday, December 10, 2009


Tonight is probably going on night number 10 of fighting with Tallulah to go to bed. She will get up, turn the light on and do anything BUT go to sleep. So after about losing my mind last night and being in a pissy mood all day I decided to try something new tonight. We already had the door knob thing put on because of many, many nights of waking up and finding her in the kitchen eating potato chips or candy so I know she can't get out. She is just stuck in there.And most of her toys have been removed already in an attempt to keep her from climbing on them to turn her light on which didn't really work, she still gets it on. As of right now she has been in there and cried twice (I just had to go in and check on her those times) and I can still hear her in there singing. But it is still early and I am calmer and she seems to be heading off to dream land! Maybe this will actually work!! yay!

As for my shopping today, I made Trip #4 to CVS for the week. (Check out the "CVS this week" blog. And made the mistake of looking at the Kroger forum on uh oh!! Lol. I picked out the *HOT* deals and went with those. I got:
6 cans of Progresso Soup (the 10/$10 selection was AWFUL but I managed to get some that I might actually eat) (2)-1.10/3 = 3.80
4 Lunchables! (4).55/1 = 1.80
4 pillsbury pizza crusts/breadsticks (various coupons and no clue what she allowed lol)
1 Dial handsoap (got it for .20 with my coupon! Wish I could have got more but it said "Limit 1 per household" on the coupon. Boo)
Tyson drumsticks (2) and split chicken breasts for .99 lb
and then I ran across 4 pks of Angel Soft for .88 :)

So basically
TOTAL OOP: $18.79

Yay. Not bad at all.

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