Saturday, December 5, 2009

No one...seriously NO ONE needs that much lube

What to do with 20 coupons for $5 and $2 off KY Products?!? That is the delima I am facing now. I swear I was ordering 1...not the whole bundle. Wow. Oh is going to be a good day. Got plans on going out with friends tonight and making my first trip to CVS today for this weeks deals!! (Hence the KY coupons lol) And I had a great shopping trip at Publix last night and even got hubby to watch baby girl so I could go alone! *note to self* do NOT wear 3 inch heels grocery shopping. *OUCHIE*

Publix shopping trip -

Grand Total of shopping : $74.95

Savings Summary

Store coupon $40.35
Vendor Coupon $40.24
Advertised Special Savings $51.99
Advantage Buy Savings ( I still have no clue what this actually is) $1.50

Total Savings!!! $134.08

This included 2 coffee pots, a toaster, a bottle of wine (so did not have a coupon for that! ) and for Tallulah an Advent calendar and a big ol' pack of pampers for bedtimes.

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