Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My 2010 Plan!!

I want to try to keep up with all my purchases and feed my family for $100 a month!! I totally think it can be done...I just have to stop wanting EVERYTHING just cause it's on sale and go for the super deals. And watch for meat to go on super stock up sale. How fun!

On top of all this I need to come up with a daily plan for me and Lula. I need structure. And she needs structure. I want to make sure we have time for learning and playing and exercise too. Plus need to work in shopping and naps! Oh...and cleaning. lol. Wow. I can't believe I will be pretty much a stay at home mommy come the 21st!! And be totally out of my job February 1st WOWOWOWOWOW!! Scary. I've had a few people be interested in me doing their bookkeeping but no definites yet. :( I'm so scared I will never get any. Ugh. And I don't even WANT to think about school starting! But I guess I need to. I am actually going to grab my information right now to get my books ordered! Yay me.

So stay tuned for my $1200 annual food budget shopping and for the joys of being a stay at home mommy.

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